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By providing job seekers verifiable work history and qualifications we can bring Local Talent and Global Connections together and Build a Trustworthy Job Market in Africa

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Let’s unlock the potential of millions of job seekers in africa for the better future 


Recruitment Challenges in Africa

Overcoming Recruitment Challenges in Africa: Unverified Data, Manual Methods, and Limited Opportunities hinder businesses from making informed hiring decisions, leading to financial losses, inefficiencies, and limited job prospects for jobseekers.

Unverified Data Overload

Businesses struggle with processing unverified data, leading to costly and inefficient hiring decisions.

Lack of Digital Tools

Outdated methods foster favoritism, hindering fair and quality hiring practices.

Limited Job Opportunities/Visibility

Jobseekers face barriers accessing timely job information, missing out on opportunities due to unposted jobs.

Our mission is to build a trustworthy job market in Africa through verified work history and qualifications.


Building trust through Blockchain

Leverage Verified education

We partner with universities and institutions to store student credentials on the blockchain, ensuring ownership and separate issuance.

Own Your work history

We empower workers by facilitating employment credential issuance and verification, allowing employees to own and leverage their work experience data with any future employer.

Verified identity

We are working with local partners and organizations to bring KYC and Verification to blockchain through our platform. 

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Working age population

Ethiopia is the second most populous nation in Africa (115M), and the fastest growing economy in the region, with a large working age population

Lack of digital tools

There is a great disparity in the availability of digital tools in comparison to growth potential in Ethiopia compared to many other African markets. There are little to no digital solutions to solve recruitment in Ethiopia

Cost of recruitment

The paper based recruitment sucks up time and resources away from all the numerous high-growth businesses in Ethiopia. On average skilled worker recruitment costs anywhere in between $200-$1500 to conduct

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How Our Platform Works

Do you have challenging times finding the right talent in recruitment? Lot of manual work and 100s of applicants? We can help you to get rid of that and make the process streamlined with AI and easy to use software.

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Fairway is an innovative recruitment platform revolutionizing the job market in Africa.

Fairway is a Recruitment platform that uses blockchain and automation to verfiy and analyze recruits in robost, fair and easy way or shall we say the fairway.
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