Building Trust For The African Job Market
Enhancing Employment Opportunities in Ethiopia by creating trust through Decentralized Identities (DID) and Verifiable Credentials (VC)
Why Ethiopian talent falls behind in international employment opportunities?
Job seekers in Ethiopia are hindered by limited global opportunities due to unreliable data, a lack of recognized job platforms, and are also affected by issues such as corruption, nepotism, bad hires, and an untrustworthy international reputation.
Fairway and Proofspace Collaborate to Introduce Blockchain-Based CV Data to the Ethiopian Market: Fairway is established by Finnish and Ethiopian professionals, and has partnered with Proofspace to bring blockchain technology to the Ethiopian job market. Since 2021, Fairway has been working in Ethiopia to build better job opportunities and more fair recruitment tools for Businesses and Job Seekers.

Through this collaboration with ProofSpace, Fairway now offers a seamless process to verify candidates' education through Verifiable Credentials and build a blockchain based work history by supporting the issuing and verifying credentials of work experience. As a consequence, Job seekers in Ethiopia can securely store verified data from their professional resumes in a blockchain-based wallet, which can be easily accessed and utilized for verification purposes on our platform.

Why Blockchain?
In today's increasingly digital world, the need for reliable and tamper-proof methods of verifying a candidate's credentials is more critical than ever. Traditional methods of credential verification, such as relying on paper documents or centralized databases, can be prone to fraud, errors, and security breaches. Enter blockchain technology, a revolutionary innovation that has the potential to transform the way we verify and authenticate candidates' qualifications.
Problems with Traditional Credential Verification
Forgery and Fraud
Paper-based credentials can be easily forged, leading to fraudulent claims on resumes or job applications.
Inefficient Verification
Verifying credentials through phone calls, emails, or manual checks can be time-consuming and costly for organizations.
Privacy Concerns
Sharing personal and sensitive information for verification purposes can pose privacy risks.
In a world where trust and security are paramount, blockchain technology offers a groundbreaking solution for credential verification. Its immutability, transparency, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness make it a compelling choice for organizations and candidates alike. Embracing blockchain in the credential verification ecosystem can lead to increased trust, reduced fraud, and streamlined processes, ultimately benefiting all stakeholders involved. This is the very reason that we collaborated with Proofspace and Project Catalyst to create a platform for easier verification of credentials and get the most out of blockchain.
By incorporating blockchain technology, Fairway ensures the integrity and security of recruitment data. This innovative approach not only enhances transparency but also provides employers on our platform with the confidence that the work experience listed by potential candidates is backed by verified credentials.
Fairway has joined the Ethiopian government in their Blockchain Initiative to launch Blockchain Based credentials in Ethiopia, first on the Cardano Blockchain with Atala PRISM. Fairway's job matching platform utilizes strategic partnerships and Blockchain technology to ensure trusted, verified and fair job seeker data. We interoperate with identity systems that follow the new standards of The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). With our help, job seekers create decentralized identifiers (DIDs) stored in a digital wallet. Our partners such as employers, educational institutions, or governments can issue and leverage Verifiable Credentials (VCs) for more trusted and reliable sources and unaltered information. This technology revolutionizes recruitment with verifiable qualifications, fair selection, and secure job postings. Blockchain enables transparent and efficient hiring, leveling the playing field for job seekers and employers..
“Our collaboration with Proofspace is going to revolutionize the recruitment process in Ethiopia. By leveraging blockchain technology for document verification, we are not only redefining how recruitment works, but also paving the way for scalable technology that will build trust in the employment market across the entire continent in the future.”

Henrik Metsämäki, Co-founder & CEO at Fairway

CEO of Fairway
Fairway is a Recruitment platform that uses blockchain and automation to verfiy and analyze recruits in robost, fair and easy way or shall we say the fairway.
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